Editorial Team

Editor in Chief

Kjell-Åke Nordquist

Kjell-Åke Nordquist is a professor in International Relations, with particular focus on Peace Building and Human Rights at the University College Stockholm in Sweden.
He has been working in the fields of autonomy and conflict resolution both as a researcher and a practitioner, and has been a member of the Board as well as the Research Council of the Åland Islands Peace Institute since its start.

Managing Editor

Petra Granholm

Petra Granholm works as Research Coordinator at the Åland Islands Peace Institute. Her background is in international law and environmental management. Petra holds a master’s degree from Åbo Akademi University, Finland and a Master of Resource Management from the University of Akureyri, Iceland.

Editorial Board


Katja Creutz

Katja Creutz holds an LLD from the University of Helsinki and is Programme Director at the Finnish Institute of International Affairs. Since 2021, Creutz is also a member of the Research Council of the Åland Islands Peace Institute. Her research interests are international law, especially responsibility issues; human rights and global governance.

Susann Simolin

Susann Simolin is Director of the Åland Islands Peace Institute and a doctoral student in political science at Åbo Akademi University. She holds a master’s degree in political science from Åbo Akademi University and a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Gothenburg.