A Cooperative Regime for the Arctic: Addressing Sea Lines of Communication and Nuclear Weapons


  • Sverre Lodgaard Norwegian Institute of International Affairs


Arctic, geopolitics, sea lines of communication, nuclear, regime


The UN Convention on the Law of the Seas has established a solid legal foundation for Arctic activities, but it does not prevent the geopolitical rivalry between the USA, China and Russia from extending into the region. Joint action to alleviate upcoming tensions are presently on hold because of the war in Ukraine, but in the meantime, cooperative approaches are worth exploring. Two interrelated issues merit particular attention: how to protect sea lines of communication (SLOCs) without triggering big power conflict, and how to deal with the problems posed by nuclear weapons.

Author Biography

Sverre Lodgaard, Norwegian Institute of International Affairs

Sverre Lodgaard, Senior Research Fellow and former Director of the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs.